The International Business Podcast

#91: Wake up to the Gig Economy With Dr. Chaz Austin

April 11, 2022 Leonardo Marra Season 4 Episode 91
The International Business Podcast
#91: Wake up to the Gig Economy With Dr. Chaz Austin
Show Notes

On this episode Leo interviews Dr. Chaz Austin. He created and teaches three courses for LinkedIn Learning: "Creating a Career Plan" "Succeeding in a New Job" "Transitioning Out of Your Job". Over 500’000 people from all over the world have been learning from him.

He is a recognized authority in the field of career packaging and marketing. He trains his clients to self-market, a mandatory skill in today’s workplace. Dr. Chaz also conducts workshops and leads courses for people in a broad range of industries and at any stage of their careers—from those who have recently graduated from school to people who have been in the workforce for decades and are re-careering.

Dr. Chaz holds an EdD in organizational leadership from Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology. He has authored two books about self-marketing and how to treat yourself like a business. His most recent book is 101 Ways to Find Work … and Keep Finding Work for the Rest of Your Career! In academia, Dr. Chaz has served as director of career development for the Musicians Institute; career resource specialist for business students and alumni at Woodbury University; MBA career development & employer relations manager at Pepperdine University’s School of Business and Management; and director of placement for Video Symphony.

He was also a college professor teaching a wide range of courses in business and communication, specializing in career training, and has presented papers to the National Association of Women MBAs, the Association for Business Communication, the National Council for Workforce Education, the Society of Educators and Scholars, the International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, the California Placement Association, and the Global Leadership and Management Conference.

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Self-learning is of paramount importance in the business world, listen to your international peers and step up your game.

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