The International Business Podcast

#88: Competitive advantage in a globalised economy With Patrick Daly

March 21, 2022 Leonardo Marra Season 4 Episode 88
The International Business Podcast
#88: Competitive advantage in a globalised economy With Patrick Daly
Show Notes

On this episode Leo interviews Patrick Daly. He is the Managing Director of Alba Consulting since 2005 and works with many of the top Fortune 500 companies in manufacturing, distribution and logistics services in Europe, Asia and the Americas helping them to achieve dramatic improvements in their supply chain capabilities and performance through supply chain excellence. 

In his consultancy assignments, Patrick has worked with clients all over the world in countries such as China, India, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Egypt, UAE, US, UK, Spain, Croatia and others, clients include Pfizer, Abbott Vascular, Stryker, Braun, GSK, Merck Millipore, Actavis, Astellas, Pepsi Worldwide Flavours, Glanbia and Ornua among others. 

Patricks hosts Interlinks, a weekly radio programme broadcast on Dublin South FM that explores relayed to international business, supply chain and logistics around the world through the medium of interviews with business people from around the world and he is the author of the book International Supply Chain Relationships: Creating Competitive Advantage in a Globalized Economy published by Kogan Page in London and New York in 2019. He has also the author of the booklet Warehouse Strategy, Design, and Operation in 2017 and co-author of the recently published e-book Thriving in the New Business Environment: Why the Strategic Supply Chain Matters.

Patrick in an active member of the National Logistics Forum in Ireland set up by the Department of Transport, Trade and Tourism in April 2020 to advise the Irish government on keeping supply lines open during and after the COVID19 pandemic.

Patrick holds a BSc Hons degree in Technology and worked in manufacturing industry in engineering design, R&D, product development and international commercial technical roles in the storage equipment industry in both Spain and Ireland prior to establishing his consultancy business. 

Self-learning is of paramount importance in the business world, listen to your international peers and step up your game.

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