The International Business Podcast

#82: Digital supply chains in South East Asia With Bernard Hor

February 07, 2022 Leonardo Marra Season 4 Episode 82
The International Business Podcast
#82: Digital supply chains in South East Asia With Bernard Hor
Show Notes

On this episode Leo interviews Bernard Hor. He is an entrepreneur, a storyteller and a strategist. Co-founder of Hatio Group. As the group CEO, Bernard plays an instrumental role in expanding the Hatio brand across Southeast Asia with a mission to help local SMEs digitise. 

With an excellent understanding of supply chain best practice, Bernard and his team helped clients make change happen sustainably and have delivered significant operational improvements. He currently leads a strong team of software engineers, project managers, designers on large scale digital transformation projects in the telecommunications, healthcare, supply chain & logistics industry.

Hailed from the world’s most innovative country, South Korea, the Hatio brand is Asia’s leading innovative technology company. Hatio Lab is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Our vision is to be the innovation leader in the logistics industry in South East Asia. Creating a vision for today to forecast tomorrow’s trends and innovate solutions for the future. We want to ultimately create real world practical innovation implemented in South East Asia and emerge as a successful local technology provider case study in SEA. With an impressive & proven track record with one of the world’s biggest logistics player in Korea and China. Hatio expanded its market footprint into South East Asia - bringing state-of-the-art, smart & autonomous technology for the warehouse & logistics businesses.

Self-learning is of paramount importance in the business world, listen to your international peers and step up your game.

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